Barcode Scanner and its functions

Published: 16th October 2009
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Barcode Scanners has revolutionized the complete scenario of managing inventory. The use of barcode is everywhere. Be it a small mart or a mega mall, barcodes scanners have changed the operation of every business. It helps in keeping a track and information of goods and inventories. To learn more about the functioning of barcodes, its important to know how barcode scanners have evolved. The barcode contains information about the item that has been bar coded. This information is coded using a special type of barcode language. The barcode scanner then translates the language of bar codes into information that humans can understand and decipher.

Barcodes are set of vertical lines and spaces put together to form unique identification. The lines or bars are identified depending on the width and spacing between the bars. The barcode includes a start bit, stop bit and sometimes contains the checksum bit. The checksum bit checks for the accuracy of the barcode.

The barcode scanner consists of a laser source and a photo sensor. The scanner decodes the barcode into electrical signals and gives to the computer. The computer must have barcode scanner software installed in it. The barcode scanner software helps to convert the electrical signals from the barcode scanner to numbers and letters. There are different types of Barcode Scanners available as per use.

There are two major classes of barcode scanners image based and laser based. Image-based barcode scanners use a camera usually embedded in a barcode scanner. The camera will capture the images and then processed by complex image techniques to decode the barcodes. Laser-based barcode scanners use mirrors and lenses to read the barcodes. These are more expensive than image based scanners. The technology used in laser based is much advanced and more long lasting and productive as well.

The barcode scanners can be used for various location including shops, marts, malls, warehouse, library etc. Depending on the use barcode scanners must be selected. The ambience and conditions differ as per location. It also affects the working of device. Thus selection of right barcode scanner is a must. Barcode scanning technology has made a huge difference in offices, factories, warehouses, hospitals, restaurants, government facilities - anywhere where it is necessary to keep track of inventoried items. Of course the most visible place where this technology has made a big difference is at the checkout line of your friendly neighborhood variety or grocery store. The next time you are there in one of those lines, think about how barcode technology like Barcode Printers gets you out of the door just that much faster.

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